Cozy brand double sided wall heater. Pilot will not stay lit. Possible repair or replace.

Jerry R

I'm the facilities manager for Community's Village and in need of a Control Safety Device (CSD1) on a pair of boilers ASAP also in need of someone to check out some rooftop air conditioners if you can do this please call or email.  

Keith H

Hi - We need help connecting (brazing) copperlines to the indoor coil and outdoor (4 joints) and top off refrigerants to a new AC unit. Thanks!

Tong H

Hello--The gas company says my old forced-air heater (in *attic crawl space*) has no sediment trap and that I need to get it installed before turning the gas back on. Also, our outside AC unit seems to have died. I need an estimate on repairing vs. replacing, and at minimum need to get the sediment trap (if it is indeed not on the line) so we can turn the heat back on. Can you help? Thank you in advance!

Robin K

I would like a quote for a furnace repair. My furnace will not stay lit.

Laura B

heating unit is working but one side of building feels a lot warming than other side. building is 1200 square feet. there is one room about 350 sqaure feet that is cooler than the rest of the building.

Andy J

Boiler service required - It works but hasn't been serviced in 5 years. Model: J-Line Janitrol gas forced air heat - ignitions are sounding louder

James G

Looking to purchase and install a combi boiler and a AC unit

Matt R

Hello, I would like to get a free estimate to determine how much it would cost to get my radiant heat up and running again. The thermostat switches on, but apparently the pilot light does not, and I seem to have a newer PC board type set up for my radiant heat furnace, and need to find out what it would take to get it repaired/replaced. Thanks, Bianca

Bianca S

We have 3 wall heaters. They will not stay on consistently and are hard to fire up. Sometimes if you hit the heater, it fires up. The pilot lights are on.

Margaret D